Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where does the time go?

Mason is growing up to fast and well, becoming his “own” person with his very OWN opinions.
It has been absolutely the most rewarding thing to watch in my entire life!
I blinked this week and realized that I no longer had my little baby boy, but instead an active, talkative, toddler…
He is my child so this should be no surprise, however when I say talkative I mean talkative.
His language is his own and it is so adorable.
Here is a quick lesson of how to speak “Mason”:
- Te Te = Auntie
- GunKle = Uncle
- Bapo = Grandpa Garka
- ME = Mason
- Bapple = Apple
- Nana = Grandma Kelly / Banana
- Mine’s = Mine
- Grammy = Grandma Joyce
- Mommies Toy = iPad
- Daddies Toy = iPod touch
- Bobbie = Cousin Aubrie
- Fruck = Truck (This at times is embarrassing )

Mason’s vocabulary in the past 4-6 months has tripled and during his recent speech evaluation with his therapist he tested 5 months ahead! This is such an answered prayer!
When we first learned that the part of the brain affected by his stroke’s was the part that affects speech, we of course were concerned for the future. At the time is was to early to tell If he would learn to speak or what the total effect would be.

This is now just another miracle we have watched God play out in our son’s life!

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Jen, Paul and Gracie said...

Hi Kelsey,
Gracie rides at Little Bit in Woodinville ( It is a wonderful program, I can't say enough good things about them! Hooray for Mason's speech evaluation :) Gracie had a 50% speech delay a year ago and now she is ahead in speech as well. It is amazing what these little ones can overcome!