Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mason's HEART check up @ Seattle Childrens

This past Monday we headed to children’s for Mason’s normal heart check up.
Cant lie… My anxiety and blood pressure rises as these appointments near. Mason is thriving but I am constantly waiting for the other “shoe to fall”, waiting for the bad news, and waiting for the BUT towards the end of the sentence.
I try to take comfort in and rest in HIS presence but some days it is harder than others.

The verdict from his appointments – His heart and its function looks “beautiful”. These words as I hear them and even write this bring tears to my eyes.
We got the best case scenario.  He is living an amazing life with ½ of a heart.

We try to do a good job informing him of what will happen at his doctor’s appointments but even with our best efforts he totally melts down at some point during every visit and as his Mom, helping him through his melt down never gets easier. I know his cries are because he is scared. Heck I am almost 30 years older than him and I am scared. When he is cries it breaks my heart and I am not gonna lie I have at times gotten emotional. Who wants to hold down there son so that someone can listen to his heart? NOT THIS MOM!

Our visit this week had a melt down but only one and to be honest it didn’t last as long as they normally do. THANK GOODNESS because I was alone during this weeks visit. My partner in crime (also known as my husband) was hard at work!

The visit started with an Echo. Mason got a little nervous at first but the bed he has to lay in is big enough for me to lay with him so like every other echo I get to snuggle with my little man for about an hour while they complete the echo. We talk and watch a movie. I will be one sad and proud Mom the day he doesn’t need me to lay with him!

After the echo it is time for the EKG. This is the simplest of tests yet for some reason it scares him the most. Mason had I had been taking a lot about the test with the stickers and we made an agreement. The nurse would put on the stickers and since it hurt him when they come off, I would take them off… But when the stickers started going on – he forgot about being strong, he forgot that I would be taking them off and he lost it…

After all of the tests were ran we went back to play in the waiting room, here we ran into Mason’s surgeon.
One of my biggest regrets after Mason’s Fontan was not getting a picture of him and the man who fixed his heart. We talk about him, we pray for him, we pray for his family, we pray for his gift and we pray for his patients. Why we dont have a pciture of him with Mason? No clue - my mind was clearly on other things. 

Well I wasn't going to walk away from this opportunity again. I captured the BEST photo!

The work this man does is God’s work at its best! We are incredibly grateful for him!

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