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While you wait....

Okay. I am the worst blogger.
I find it hard to maintain a blog, a career, multiple business, my home, my family, my marriage and my husbands career.... To name a few.

In the most recent future I have been working on a "blogging" project.
I am not ready to air it all just yet.... (I am still working on the courage to hit publish - Pray for me)!

So in the meantime while you wait here are some fun fall photos from our family adventures!

Mason has such a heart for making people happy. He makes me happy in everything he does but he is constantly wanting to write his family love notes... This has turned into such a fun pen-pal relationship with his Horsey Grandma

It is amazing to me how many women in my generation don't know how to sew, knit or make good ole canned applesauce and homemade apple pies. I am not judging I was one of these women but I don't want me kids to grow up not knowing what this heavenly treat in a mason jar tastes like. So I enlisted the help of my Grandmother (Horsey G'ma - and yes I still call her this even in my.... Well do I really need to give you my age) and we spent all day in the kitchen making apple sauce and making apple pies. It was AWESOME and MASON was in heaven!

NOT traveling as much has lead to increased time with both my children. I only hope someday they know just how much I cherish them both!!!!

10 YEARS in the making and we finally had another BURT wedding (the last was mine- no joke about how long I have been married or how long the last Burt wedding was)

I had the opportunity to write Brittany a "letter" wishing her well... but come one - I love to write so mine was more like a three page soap box.
Here is a snipet of what I wrote:

....Growing old sucks but getting old with someone you love makes it all seem just this side of all right!
Before you know it you will be 20 years down the road from now, deluding yourself into believing that you have aged nearly as well as some of the Hollywood A-listers and hopefully looking back on the happiest years of your life to date spent with your best friend!
Saying I-do is only the beginning.
 We are proud of the couple that you and TJ have become and we pray your marriage is blessed with more good times than bad.
We are honored to be apart of your lives and blessed to get to call you family!....

(Thank you in advanced because I totally stole this photo from your facebook account)

Kara and I celebrating the happy couple (a few cocktails in)

This FALL Mason learned about selfies!

Kendall fell in love with boots!

The FALL also means its time to start raising MONEY $$$$ for the American Heart Association
We kicked it off with our Annual BUNCO PARTY!!!!

THEN IT WAS TIME TO WALK! I am always so overwhelmed by the participation from the community and local companies. In total the city of Seattle raised $1.5M dollars. A.Mazing!

One of my favorite photos... MASON meeting MASON!

Isn't this the perfect photo of real life OR at least my life.
This is us... Me and my kids. Picking out our pumpkins!

TIME TO CARVE. KIDS get ready!
(Stop looking at my messy house)

Oh WAIT. I meant PARENTS, Parents get ready to carve.

While they were carving I was sewing... Working on Mason's special PJ's!


Bath & Story time. 

Our night time read... 
Also known as the bird book (Mason loves it and I highly recommend it)

With fall also comes Halloween.
Cant lie. I am not a HUGE Halloween fan. I love it for small children. Its cute!
They dress up and get candy.

Its the scary, bloody, "sexy" and crazy side that I don't get (we can save that for later)

 Mason was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and with the help of Kei he got his front shell!
(Whew that was a close call)

Kendall - When she decided to wear her costume was a lady bug. She was beyond cute.
 I cant stand it!

I also discovered the cutest clothes for Miss K!
Matilda Jane Clothing! (click to discover them  yourself)
If you want to make an order be sure to send them the best trunk keeper Sarah Willis!

LASTLY we had our GRAND OPENING for our Snohomish club & our very good friend BLITZ joined us in the celebration!

I hope that each of you has had a wonderful FALL... I still can not believe it is NOVEMBER! This year I vow to relax and ENJOY the holiday season.

Thanks for following our family!


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