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Without a DOUBT

Tonight we celebrated Thanksgiving with our family.
Yes a week early but when you have "many" family obligations and you work in retail it is really the only way to get quality time together.
Although this year I get THREE days off this week... Did someone forget Black Friday is 4 days away? Is this a joke? Someone pinch me, quick?!?!?!

Back to what I was saying... We ate to much, took our sugar high children home and put them to bed. Lucky for us they crashed.
Then we started our nightly routine of picking up from the days disaster... Am I the only Mom who feels like their home is a "construction zone" with messes everywhere????
Needless to say... Tonight while picking up I came across a journal I kept while Mason was in the hospital (the first time, right after he was born).

Not sure how this magically appeared but I am pretty sure Mason actually found it and started to claim it as his personal art book.

On the top of each of the pages I had written the following:

GOD loves YOU to much to leave you in a mess!
He has a plan for you the FAR exceeds anything you may recognize. 

WOW. I was almost immediately taken back.
"A MESS" was the polite way to describe where I was when I wrote in this journal. 
But what I wrote everyday was so needed!
I would have NEVER imagined where the past 5 years would have taken us but what he has shown us.. is what I had written above HIS plan is beyond what we can imagine.

For whatever reason. I felt compelled to share.

Today and EVERYDAY...
We are thankful for HIS goodness and grace!



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