Thursday, November 7, 2013


GRATITUDE this month is everywhere. 

Facebook is blowing up with the THANKFUL challenge (that's what I am calling it). This is where each person every day in the month of NOVEMBER posts one thing a day that they are thankful for… My favorite is when they post their thanks with a good old FLASHBACK PHOTO. (The photos make me smile)
If we are “friends” on good ole FB it’s no secret I haven’t joined in however I love this more than I originally thought.
WHY you ask?!?!?

I love this concept because it shifts the focus off of our BUSY lives and schedules and onto people and things that we have to be THANKFUL for….
Raising kids is hard. Raising kids to be THANKFUL can be even harder. We work with M&K on manners and even work with MASON on verbalizing what he is thankful for… (We just work with KENDALL on talking and animal noises; for the moment)!

Being THANKFUL (having a sense of GRATITUDE) is IMPORTANT. It has been proven to be one of the biggest determinate of happiness! I know that as a mother of TWO AMAZING KIDS I not only want HAPPY children but I want to raise HAPPY ADULTS!

Going back to the FB challenge. As mentioned above I LOVE this idea. I think it’s wonderful but I want to challenge you to think about how you are directing your gratitude towards your children… IT CAN NOT ONLY be a post on your favorite social media site that they can not read. 
We need to model our GRATITUDE by our actions towards our children and not just words on paper (or a social media site).

Think about it….

MOST of us make an effort to be polite and to express our THANKS and GRATITUDE to our friends and even STRANGERS that we may come in contact with… OUR FAMILY, OUR LOVED ONES, OUR CHILDREN can get over looked in our “RUSH” “HUSSEL” “SCHEDULES”…

We easily pair down what we mean… “Honey, can you please (fill in the blank)…. THANK YOU” turns into “DO (XYZ – Fill in the blank).


Not so much with my children. More so with my husband (I really do appreciate you taking out the TRASH)
Sitting here. Typing this. Gives me so much objectivity looking at how sharp the latter is… Taking extra time to THANK your children (your HUSBAND) regularly and not just because it is NOVEMBER (the month of THANKSgiving) boosts their sense of self-worth.

My 2-CENTS for the day…


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