Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Well, we are only SIX days in so it might be a little premature to say, but November is going to be a BUSY month. That being said it will still turn out to be a FANTASTIC MONTH and possibly my favorite month of the year... I LOVE FALL, I LOVE THE COLORS and the rain doesn't start to bother me until mid-January! SO BRING ON BOOTS!!!! 

The weather so far this month.... Genuine to what the "EMERALD CITY" is famous for... RAINY with a splash of wind!
Despite the wind and rain we still make it a point to head our to enjoy the beautiful colors of FALL. After all a little rain never hurt anybody!

NOVEMBER also brings us THANKSgiving.
If you are on social media at all you more than likely have a Facebook account which means that at least one of your "friends" have been posting what they are THANKFUL for each day for the month. They are taking the THANKFUL challenge!

Me. I have not started participating. 
I am after-all 6 days late.
I have so MANY things to be thankful for I don't think the number of days in NOVEMBER will cover it. 
So instead of plastering it all over facebook. I am going to plaster it all over my blog (more to come)!

Time to rest up. I have a busy week and I need to dig deep to unleash the holiday cheer. I promised my husband I would jump in both feet first but I think you have to crawl before you can run so BABY STEPS.

PSST. I am genuinely excited for CHARLIE to return from the N. POLE! Can he come before THANKSgiving?

^^Last CHRISTMAS. Mason saying GOODBYE to CHARLIE!^^

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