Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

Hi Everyone,

It's been a pretty big day for Mason here at Children's. The doctors were able to close his chest today and Mason's vitals remained stable. Sometimes, after the doctors close the chest the organs are under too much pressure and the chest is needed to be re-opened. Thankfully, it looks like Mason is handling it very well and he will not have to be re-opened. He has also been completely taken off of the nitric-oxide, which the nurses tell us is very good news for that to be taken away so soon.

Mason has slept most of the day and Kelsey and I spent several hours in his room with him. Before the end of the day we were able to watch some of the Seattle fireworks show. It wasn't the best view, but it was good enough.

The next step should be to start feeding Mason into his stomach and working our way towards removing the breathing tube. We are not sure how long that could take, the standard answer around here is, "it could be 3 days or it could be 2 weeks." Needless to say...we're believing for 3 days.

I hope you all have (had) a wonderful 4th of July!!

God Bless,

Greg & Kelsey

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