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Set Back

Hello All,

Well, things were going very well for us since Mason had his surgery. In fact, earlier this morning the nurse told us that we would most likely be going hom tomorrow. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen.

Mason has suffered a sroke (we think a mild one, but he's having an MRI right now to find out more), so treatment and care is going to have to be extended for at least a few more days. This morning Kelsey noticed his right arm twitching abnormally and mentioned it to the nurse. We didn't really think much of it except that he hadn't done this before. The nurse notified the doctors and they came in to take a look at him. The nuerologist suspected he was having seizures which could be the result of a stroke. Due to the blood thinner, the surgery and the blood clot in his leg they were quite concerned that would be case. They put him on some seizure medication and took him in for a CT scan. The CT scan showed that he had a stroke but weren't sure how or when. It is likely that the stroke occured several days ago and he is just now see the effects.

So what does this mean?

We're not really sure, but it is entirely possible that since the stroke could have occured several days ago that these small seizures will be the only side effects of the stroke. Obviously, that is what we are praying for. My interpretation from the doctors is that we won't REALLY know what damage has been done until he grows older. The MRI will tell us how big and what areas of the brain were effected. How much effect will remain to be seen.

Please keep your prayers going for Mason. We believe that Mason has already suffered the problems from his stroke and there will be no additional damage as he grows older.

Thank you,

Greg & Kelsey


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