Thursday, July 3, 2008

Update 7/3

Hi Everyone,

Mason is doing great! He is in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit recovering from his surgery and doing well. It was a very hard and disturbing sight to see Mason after his surgery but also very relieving. Standard procedure following this surgery is to leave the chest open, this allows the internal organs room to operate as the body tends to swell and crowd the organs. Because of this, I was actually able to touch Mason's heart. The only thing between my finger and his heart was a thin gore-tex patch, it was quite incredible.

The swelling should start to reduce as Mason in beginning to pee more fluids than he is taking in. Once the swelling has gone down the doctors will take him back to the operating room and sew his chest back together, Kelsey and I are very anxious for that day, which should be sometime tomorrow or Saturday.

For now that is all I have for updates. Kelsey and I are doing well and look forward to the day we get to bring him home. But for now we are being patient, he will be home soon enough.

Thank you for checking in!!

Greg & Kelsey

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