Sunday, July 13, 2008

Since we have found out about Mason's stroke he has been doing okay. The doctors have still not reached the dosage level for the anti-seizure medication so he will remain in the ICU until they get to that point. Mason does have focal seizures every once in a while but once they get his medication where they want it they should stop.

The neurologist told us that the MRI showed that he did have a stroke on the left side of his brain. This area effects motor skills on his right side and speech/language. As far as the doctors can tell, Mason does not have a difference between his movements on either side, which is a good indication that he should be able to overcome the stroke and have normal movement. We won't really know until he grows older. As for his speech and language, he has obviously not learned how to talk yet which means he has not had to store this information in his brain. As he grows older he should be able to store speech and language in a different area and overcome this as well.

All in all Kelsey and I feel like there is plenty to be optimistic about. Our big concern now is that Mason gets the right dosage of anti-seizure medication so his seizures stop. The medicine he's on now makes him drowsy so he has a hard time gripping a bottle and feeding any other way than through his feeding tube. Our hope is that the doctors are able to get his medication levels right today so we can start back on the road to going home.

'til next update,

Greg & Kelsey
Greg & Kelsey

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Jen said...

Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. Sending prayers for Mason and your family.