Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 6: Ketchikan

This is it.
Our last day in a city in Alaska.

Thankfully we were able to re-charge since we had more of a relaxing day the day before.

We were up early and off the boat!
Guess who we ran into?????

Mason's first question... When will Charlie come back?
Charlie is our VERY special elf!

Since this is our last stop we need one more BIG adventure. The problem was that all the adventures available required you to be at least 5 years or older and the one Mason REALLY wanted to do required you to be 10 or older....
So our options were to split up so Mason could have an adventure with one of us or we all spend the day together exploring the city.

Before we threw in the towel on the adventures for the day we stopped at an excursion booth outside of the trip. One of the excursions (riding ATV's in the mountations) required you to be 10 years or older. Mason REALLY wanted to do this so we thought what the heck... Maybe they will make an exception?!?!?
Guess what. Not only did they make an exception for Mason but they also allowed us to take Kendall!!!

You cant really tell by this photo but we were super excited!
My kids however were OVER getting their photos taken. 
Like I mentioned earlier I TOOK a lot of photos (over 2k)

Before we headed out to our last adventure in Alaska we needed to see the city. Which happened to be our MOST favorite of them all!

Lunch at a local restaurant!
Our pick... Fish and chips. It was A.Mazing!

It's time to ride!!!

Seriously. So excited!

 It took Kendall a minute to put on her helmet and actual get in the vehicle. She had a minor moment. But once she finally got in and we were off she had a BLAST!

No question. It was beautiful. 
It also reminded me how LUCKY we are to live in WA. After all this looks an awful like the San Juans!!! Just saying!

LOVE this picture. Just wish is wasn't blurry!

On the ride back... Kendall passed out!

Back to the boat!
It was a dirty day and we had a BLAST!

Our evening plans included dinner, ice cream and the hot tub!!!!

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