Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Traveling home

We got back into port at 8am.
The original plan was to do some sight seeing and then head back on the train departing at 5:30pm.

This is our luggage. Ummmm not sure what we were thinking. How are we supposed to cart it around with two tired kids????

This sounded great before the trip began.
Now that it was over it sounded like a nightmare!
Mason and Kendall were tired and we were tired.

Thankfully my Mom said she would drive to Vancouver and rescue us.

Once we got off the boat we took a taxi back to the train station where we waited 1.5 hours until she arrived and then in the car we went and before we knew it we were back home!


We survived the BEST and LONGEST trip we have yet to take as a family.

Then we blinked. 
Within a few short hours I was back to work (and what a week to return...SERIOUSLY) and Mason started Kindergarten!

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