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Alaska: Day 3 & 4

I took a minute off...
I have been so overwhelmed with EVERYTHING lately that we have gone off the paleo bandwagon but since my body is not happy about this and almost every joint in my body hurts I spent some time organizing our meal plans and creating a monster shopping list. 
My to do list today - go buy everything that I need for the next few weeks... This wont be a fun bill to see rack up but our bodies are worth the price... 
Pay now or pay for it later in medical bills... So I will gratefully pay for it now!

Before I leave to drain our life savings at whole pay check... I mean whole foods I thought I would share photos from day 3 & 4 of our Alaskan Cruise!

Day THREE: Tracy Arms

Honestly this was one of my favorite days on the trip. When we normally vacation we are not the ones who are making plans and dreaming up things to do. It is actually the opposite. 
We live by calendars, appointments, and alarms in our EVERYDAY life so on vacation we literally throw them out!
Day Three was really the only day we were able to do this.
We made no plans. 
Are only agenda: enjoy the beautiful scenery.

We were told the closer we went into the fjord the colder it would be... "like entering the fridge". I think this analogy was slightly off... More like entering a freezer.

Greg and I didn't want to miss anything so got to the deck early to ensure that we would have the most comfortable seating arrangements... We knew the closer we got the more crowded it would become on the deck. 

Of course there was NO way our kids were going to sit still for hours so off to the play area they went.

 We relaxed outside in the cold for hours... Thankfully we were served Coffee and Baileys which helped keep the chill off our bones!

The closer we got to the Glacier. The colder we got. So we got the kids and bundled them up!

Mason then took over as the photographer. There were just far too many things to see and snap. He wanted to be apart of that. 
The photos that Mason took wont even begin to do Tracy Arms justice. 
Breath taking!!!

The closer we got the fog started settling in and the temperature dropped even further...

Mason and Kendall resorted to hiding under MANY blankets... 
They literally hung out like this for over an hour. 
Technology played in our favor for this one... Underneath the blanket each one had an iPad / iPhone and they watched a movie!

We finally turned a corner and there it was. We made it to the glacier. 
The boat got A LOT closer but our kids were COLD and DONE. 
They saw all they needed to see. 

It was time to head back to the room. 
Take a nap. 
Head to the next adventure.


Our FIRST Alaskan adventure awaited us in Skagaway.
We had the morning to explore the city and the afternoon would be spent dog mushing!

Watching the helicopters take off.

Couldn't just walk by without stopping to say HI!

Mason and Kendall enjoyed our town adventures. 
Maybe we were still chilled from the day before but Skagaway was cold!
 Mason the photographer... Love his little hand in the picture. 
 I am sort of in LOVE with this... Someday when we build a house I want something similar on a HUGE wall. 
Wouldn't that be awesome art????
I think so!

 Time to Mush!
We boarded the bus and within 5 minutes Kendall was out...
Within 15 minutes. Mason followed and fell asleep.

Drove up the mountains and of course there was so much to look at. Even if all we did was take the bus ride it would have been worth it!

 His favorite team and favorite player!

 Up the mountains we go... Even further!

Back down the mountain we went!

 I LOVE THIS.. I want one please and thanks (Greg. Hint Hint)

Seriously these little dogs are the cutest things ever!

It was a FUN FILLED day. We were more than exhausted by the time we got back.
There were still things to do. 

The first. Change into some warm and clean clothes!

 How fun to come back to a decorated door!

 BYE SKAGAWAY... It has been fun!

NOT only was the door decorated but the sheets were changed. 
Mason had a Car bed. Kendall had princesses!

Thanks for checking in.
MORE photos coming but I really must change out of my PJ's and get to the store!


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