Thursday, October 2, 2014

Alaska - Day Two!

Make a Wish: Day Two!

This was our day at sea!
Thankfully there is plenty to do on the boat and the kids were more than excited to explore!

Disney has amazing kids activity so we took advantage of that after breakfast to get to the gym!
The view wasn't so bad either!
The view was by far my favorite part of the gym... Besides when Greg said "done"!

Lets be clear. We were sailing the sea's of Alaska! It was NOT warm but these kids couldn't wait to get into the pool. No time like the present. After all we had no where else to go so swimming we went!

 Thankfully my husband agreed to join them. One of us had to!
Please notice his "swimming" suit inclusive of a hoodie!!!

 They sure didn't mind the cold weather but then again the temp of the pool was almost as warm as a hot tub!

This gem of a phone was our main communication for the 8 days we are at sea!
If our kids were in their respective play areas and wanted us... we would get a page. It was awesome!

Kendall snuggling in the top bunk with her bubby's iPad!

This is also the day I took on the prior role of vacation photography.... If this bad boy wasnt wrapped around my neck it would have been a rare moment. In total we have over 2k photos. 
Have NO fear I will not be sharing them ALL with you on our blog!
Just the highlights!

 Nothing like icecream after a wonderful swim!
This photo... All I see is genuine joy on Mason's face. 
Since this trip I have had less than pleasant days but this photo always cheers me up!

Okay. Yesterday I forgot to add these photos from Day One.
So I am including them today!
 My timing of this photo could NOT have been better. I think it is my favorite. Not sure who was more excited.... Greg or Kendall?!?!?!?
 Beyond cute!
Mason was so excited to finally say hello to Mickey!
 Kendall on the other hand was SOOOO excited until it was time to actually say hi and hug!
Then she need some space and THANKFULLY her bubby was there to stand by her!

SO don't forget to check back!

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