Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 5: Juneau

Welcome to Juneau!

Mason really wanted to go on a helicopter ride but with the weather all flights were canceled so we took that as our que to have more of a laid back day and explore the city.
There was NO agenda.

We headed to town and decided what sounded fun as we went!

First thing we decided to do: Mt. Roberts Tramway

 Up we went!
High into the sky!
 It was breath taking.

 At the top we enjoyed a warm cup of coffee and explored some trails.

We also met a rescued Eagle who had been shot and left to die. 
The shelter saved him and has been caring for him ever since due to the fact that he would not be able to survive in the wild.

Down we go. 
I think this is when Kendall realized how high we are.
The look on her face... PRICELESS!

On the way down we met a young woman from Washington who is in the Coast Guard. Guess it was our lucky day because the ship was giving tours... How could we pass that up. 
After all it was another BIG boat!!!

 Greg and I haven't been on a cruise in about 10 years.... The last one was everything but desirable. 
Probably why we haven't cruised since. 
The one thing that I wasn't expecting... ALL THE SHOPPING. 
It was mind blowing. 
Thankfully as we walked the streets lined with stores (mostly selling jewelry) there was a few things the kids LOVED. So we snapped a few photos.  

ALL in ALL. Juneau was nice, wet and we were able to get back to the boat in a timely manner with some new Lego's in tow!

Thanks for checking in!
More photos and adventures still to come!

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