Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another day in... (wish I could say paradise)

Medically speaking today was another good day for Mason.
He has an appetite, he is active and he is ready to be discharged… Except - he is still draining fluid from his chest tubes. So we stay admitted and wait; praying that tomorrow his output will slow down.

Ryleigh; his “older” cousin came to visit today and he could not have been more excited. He has missed her and she has missed him. So she spent most of the day conceding to his every need and helping the nurse each time they came in. She even learned where her heart was today!

Mason putting on his gun holster

Ryleigh listening to Mason's STRONG & HEALED heart

Ryleigh listening to the nurses heart

Heading to the play room

In other news we officially know the sex of Baby G!
However until all appropriate parties have been told (Family and Friends)– We are not going to share this information on his blog.

Tune in… We will announce it soon!


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~Sarah said...

AACCK!!! So excited to know:) I know I advocate waiting BUT I love knowing too. Share! Share!!

Sending lots of love and prayers!