Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Update 5

We just got done speaking with Mason's surgeon... He is pleased so of course we are pleased.
He is still currently in the operating room. They are trying to take him off of the ventilator before transporting him to his room. This would be GREAT!

We are hoping that within the hour we will be able to see him.

Today has been a long day and we are very much looking forward to tomorrow!

We appreciate all of your prayers!!!!

After we see him Greg will send an update.


Christina said...

Yahoo!!! I have been sitting in front of my computer just waiting to hear this! Praise God!

Sunshine in a rainy state said...

I have been holding my breath for you!! You are amazing with the updates!!

Hope's Blog said...

Off the vent would be amazing. I am so happy you got good news from the surgeon...that is always reassuring. Many prayers still coming your way for an easy recovery.