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Don’t have a lot to report…
Mason is feeling so much better and he is the one requesting to go for walks vs. us asking / encouraging him.
We have been on about 6 journey’s throughout the halls today and he of course spends some time chatting up all the cute nurses  He is such a boy.

He has also been off Oxycodone for the past 24 hours and is only receiving Tylenol for pain… I cant wrap my mind around this… His open heart surgery was literally only one week ago today – and he still has chest tubes yet the Tylenol is working great and he is acting much more like himself.

His chest tube drainage is heading in the right direction. Yesterday his right tube put out 153cc’s and his left tube put out 80cc’s… Sounds like we are on track for today to be even less than yesterday.
This is still not low enough for them to even talk discharge but we are praying that this trend continues and we can have this conversation sooner rather than later… (Patience Kelsey)

Mason also had his IV taken out today. The port went bad and since he is doing so well and not requiring any IV fluids they decided to take it out all together. This is a first. Usually they require that all patients while admitted have a port (being used or not) and lastly they are not requiring him to be hooked up to machines all day. They plug him in every four hours for rounds / vital checks and then they let us unplug him so when he gets the urge we are free to roam (providing we don’t leave our floor) this isn’t the easiest task since one of of has to help him and the other has to carry his chest tube boxes but outside of that we are free… It is almost as if we are guests staying at a hotel. One that we would like to check out of soon but none the less we are trying to enjoy our stay given the circumstances.

Hope you are all having a FANTASTIC Tuesday!


Amy Bennett said…
Wow, that picture is SO great! He looks so good! Praying that dang chest tube drainage stops and SOON!!!
I have to say, each one of your last posts have made me smile and done *my* heart a world of good! I know you must be chomping at the bit to get home, but your positive attitude and seeing Mason look so pink and healthy gives me so much hope for Gracie's Fontan. Many hugs, I hope that drainage goes down soon!

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