Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day #2

Mason has continued to do remarkable today. I am completely amazed with his recovery so far. He is in and out of sleep and is constantly getting startled – this is genetic because his Dad does the same thing when he sleeps  and it is also a result of him coming off of the morphine.
He has been excellent at communicating – letting us know what he wants to eat, drink and the most important letting us know if he is in pain.
We tell him everyday how proud we are of him and he looks at us – slightly smiles and says “Yay”! Brings tears to my eyes.

From a medical standpoint his incision looks excellent. When you look at it you might think-how does glue hold his chest together? But the reality is that there are three layers of stitches underneath. The first layer of stitches holds together his bones – this is actually not stitches but wires. The second layer sews together the fat and the muscles within the chest. The top layer (what we see) is only for the skin and it is held together with a clear medical “band aid” type glue. Mason has three drain tubes, the central tube is good sized and the ones to the left and the right are smaller. These tubes are left in for drainage and will be around for awhile. So far his drainage is good. Yesterday it was mostly blood and today is has turned to a clearer color which is a good sign.
Mason is currently on Morphine – as needed for pain, a maintenance fluid to keep him hydrated, an antibotibic; which is to prevent infection post op, Toradal – another pain medication (It is all about making the right cocktail to keep him comfortable), Aspirin – blood thinner to prevent clots (he is also on this at home) and last but certainly not least Lasix; this helps to eliminate extra fluids that collect around his lungs from being on bypass.

Through out the day he has had some ice chips, apple ice chips (ice with apple juice), a few bites of apple sauce and most recently he ate watermelon. Such a champion.

Dr. McMullan was pleased with how the surgery went. He was able to put in an 18mm conduit (which is the size of my pointer finger). We were very excited about this since our child is not going to grow up and be a small man this reduces the risk of having to go back in to put in a larger size at a later time.

We are so thankful for the outcome so far and know in our hearts that the many prayers said on Mason’s behalf have something to do with it.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for us – the plan is to graduate from the ICU and move onto the floor.

Mason sitting up for the first time:) Big progress!

Thank You all for your faith, love and support!

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Jen, Paul and Gracie said...

What a great report! Thinking about you and fingers crossed you are home before you know it! I had tears hearing you talk about Mason's new sats :)