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Breaking news: we have a wet diaper

Talk about waiting until the last minute... Mason was about 10 minutes away from being re-cath'ed when he peed. You have no idea how big of a deal this was so we celebrate with the nurse... Mason thought we were just plain crazy but we were excited!

He hasn't wanted to walk again so he mostly spent the day snuggling with me in bed or sitting in his dads lap in the chair.

Our plan is still to continue to get him to be more active And to eat and drink more. These two things he is not into.

Hoping for a quite night and am pretty confident that this will happen! (I hope I didn't just jinx myself)


Katie said…
Yay! Isn't it funny what we celebrate during these hospital stays?!? Our hang-up was poop, and yes, we prayed about it. You're right too- the sooner you get him up and moving, the more it helps with the drainage and recovery. I thought the nurses and Dr. McMullan were crazy for pushing this but in the end, Maddie's recovery really did go well and we think it's because we got the fluid moving right off. Now looking back, we did keep her very comfortable with her meds...she didn't complain much during our walks and outtings to the playroom (probably over-medicated). Anyway, I would suggest giving him stool softeners/myrilax, since being on pain meds really backed her up. It ended up being a really big deal, she wouldn't eat, drink, or take meds, started throwing up and really was spiraling backwards on about day 5-6. Just our experience and something to be on top of :) Hoping you get some rest tonight. I feel for you...I was 4 months pregnant during Maddie's Fontan! Keep up the awesome work Mason, mom & dad!

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