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Mason update #1

We arrived early and got all checked in. Mason did great while we waited.
Since we had our pre-op appointments yesterday and the doctors saw just how active our strong little boy is they decided to give him a drug to make him sleepy before they brought him back.
Greg described it best by saying that after he took it; it was like he was drunk. We thought it was funny so of course we took out the video camera.... In the next few days we will try and post it.

Now the hard part.... No turning back.

Mason went to his doctor without any hesitation... Thank you medicine.

Now we were left alone. So we sit and wait.

During today's operation we will get four pages:
- the first one will be that they are ready to begin the operation. If you can believe it takes a few hours just to prep him in the operating room.
-the second page - he is one the heart and lung machine
-the third page - he is off the heart and Kung machine
-the forth page - his surgeon is ready to meet with us
-and then of course there will be pages to just give us a status update.
Once Mason is done with surgery they will take him to the CICU: cardiac intensive care unit.
Then we should be able to see him.

Thank you all for your prayers and support! We are grateful to have such amazing people in our lives.

I will continue to update as we get information.


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