Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Update #2

We received the first page.

Surgery has official begun!


shaunte said...

thinking of u all!!

Katie said...

Thinking of you today--funny how "fresh" the memories are for me as I read your last couple of posts, seems like we were just in your shoes with Maddie and its been almost 6 months. We are praying for a smooth, uncomplicated surgery & recovery as well as peace and comfort for you all. And prayers for the miracle worker, Dr. McMullan (our fav), and for Mason's medical team. This was the hardest one for us...know that we understand and feel your sadness but like you said, it will soon be behind you! Bryan and I were just talking last night how healthy and well Maddie is now with her new Fontan circulation...it has done wonders for her in all areas of development and the ENERGY she has is amazing. Praying for the same results for your Mason. Hang in there...heart hugs.
Katie, Maddie and family