Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day #2

I am so excited to report that all of our prayers this point have been answered.
-Mason’s heart rate is stable at 103 (normal vs. high)
-His temperature has gone down
-Although his pain level is still high – he has managed it like a champ
-So far we remain infection free

I can’t believe I can write this but Mason’s O2 level (sats) are in the mid-high 90’s. Let me put this in perspective a healthy child and adult’s levels are 100. Mason has had oxygen levels in the low 80’s for his entire life. I have heard other heart parents talk about this post Fontan but to see your child look alive and pink is something that most parents take for granted. Just talking about this makes me emotional. He color is beautiful.

Last thing to report on; Greg and I have survived our first night.
While admitted in Intensive Care only one of us can stay overnight with Mason, so last night Greg was the parent in charge and I was the parent on-call. I must say that I am so lucky to be married to this man. Not only is he the most amazing father but he is an incredible husband who always, always puts the needs of myself and Mason before his own.

We would have not made it this far without the promises of God. This is how we get through days like yesterday and weeks like the one ahead. Period!

The plan for today is simple:
-Mason is hungry so we are going to introduce foods to him
-Get him to cough more – this will open his lungs and hopefully get him off of the oxygen mask
-Continue to watch Wall-e. Which has been looping on the TV all night and when it ends, you best believe that Mason asks for you to start it over.

Side note: we get horrible cell reception at the hospital and while we are in Intensive Care Unit our phones have to be off… We love all the texts and phone calls but if you don’t hear from us this is why!

Thank You again for your prayers!

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The Boyd Family said...

Thank you for the updates! We are continuing to keep you all in our prayers daily. God is faithful! Much love, The Boyds