Friday, November 11, 2011

Still a dry diaper :(

Unfortunatly I have to report that Mason has still not peed.... FRUSTRATING!
We are trying two more things before they put the catheter back in. The first thing they are doing is giving him a retention medication to try to help him release the urine. If that doesn't work we are going to try acuputure. (thanks for the idea Jen!)
If they both don't work then we will have no other option but to go with the catheter. This is not fun for all involved.

Mason has been pumped full of medication so we are also dealing with an upset stomach. Hopefully he feels better when he wakes up.

Big win for this morning was that Mason walked. Of course Greg and the nurses did this while I stepped away for 15 minutes to shower so not only did I miss it but I didn't get any pictures.... Boo! We will try again this afternoon and you better believe I will be there.

Thanks All!


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Lisa said...

Try having him sniff peppermint essential oil vapors. That should help him pee.