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Day Three: Team Huddle

I say team huddle because that is what they do each morning, afternoon and evening. Someone gets on the speaker and says the cardiac team huddle will begin at… The entire team then meets to discuss the plan for each child. If you work with me you will understand this… It reminds me of a shift meeting with obviously very different information being passed.

Mason: As expected you take three steps forward and at any time could take a step backwards. This is the best way to describe last night. (Nothing Serious)
Our biggest hurdle remains pain control. Yesterday he was weaned off morphine however he was in so much pain throughout the night that they gave him some to help him rest. Not bad – but not what we would want. This then made his stomach upset and unfortunately made him sick. Not fun for a child who has just had open heart surgery… (Equally not fun for his mom)
Over the night he also ran a fever which elevated his heart rate… Happy to report that both his heart rate and fever have come down.

His output remains negative; this means he is putting out less fluids than he is taking in. So we will get another round of lasix today to help push out fluids.
I know not the best subject to write about but we are also holing that in the next 1-2 days he has a bowel movement – if he doesn’t this will add another obstacle we will have to get through.

Our plan is to still get transferred out of Intensive Care (sometime around 12pm). This is a huge step for our little man and puts us one step closer to going home. (Don’t hold your breathe we still have a lot more hurdles to overcome – but no one is more excited about that then the three of us. In fact Mason asks everyday if he can go home. I wish I could say YES- lets leave). This will also mean that his friends can come visit – which we think could really help to cheer him up.

I am still amazed at how beautiful his coloring is… He might not like it in the future that I describe his skin color as beautiful but it is. He is so pink!

The staff here at Children’s continues to impress me. We have had nothing but incredible nurses, fellows and of course doctors. We are so lucky to have these people and this facility in our backyard. I thank God everyday for this place and these people! Makes me love this state even more than I already do.

Have a wonderful Thursday! (Funny that I have to check to make sure I am getting my day right).


Johanna Jane said…
We are so excited that Mason is doing so well! He is a strong lil man. He must get that from his Mommy and Daddy! Loves, hugs, prayers and kisses are being sent daily your way!
Love, Johanna, Greg, Hunter and Jameson

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