Monday, November 7, 2011

Here is how this will work

I cant believe that I am sitting down and writing this. For years I knew this time would come however it was something that was just in the back of my mind… In a weird way I felt like it would never actually come.

But in less than 12 hours; Mason will go in for his 3rd open heart surgery.

I cant tell you how terrifying this is for us – because no words to describe how we are feeling would do it justice. It sucks and we are looking forward to this being behind us…

Today Mason had all of his pre-op appointments and he has been cleared for surgery in the morning. The plan is as follows:
- Arrive to Children's 6:15
- Surgery is scheduled at 7:30am
- Total "Surgery" time is 5-6 hours
- We sit and wait, wait, and wait some more....

We know there are a lot of people who will be thinking about us, praying for Mason and wanting updates. The main purpose of this entry is to let you know that this will be the main way we will communicate. We will try not to overload facebook so if you havent seen a post, or a text- come here - We will be writing. (During his surgery you could expect 2-4 updates - This way you can follow his complete journey).

If you are wondering what you can do for us... We would only ask one thing. Please keep Mason and his medical team in your prayers daily.

This is a big surgery but our God is bigger and we trust in him.


Jenny said...

Praying for Mason!!!

Jen, Paul and Gracie said...

Kelsey, we are thinking about you and praying for Mason. Heart Hugs!!

Hope's Blog said...

I will definitely keep Mason and his medical team in my thoughts and prayers.