Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moving on up!!!

As we prepare to head to the floor mason was able to go wireless... Sort of.
- they have taken out his central line (the IV through his neck)
- they have removed his pacemaker wires
- the have take out his foley catheter

All things were not very comfortable for him and we both shed a few tears in the process.

They have left in his chest tubes and we are praying that this isn't what holds up his recovery. We have been warned that this is the most frustrating obstacle to overcome so we are prepared.

We told Mason that he was graduating and we get to move to another room... Of course we would have the child who wants to stay in the ICU so this made him more upset. He has loved all of his nurses so I think he might miss them.

All in all this is a big day for our superstar!!!!

Be blessed!

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