Friday, November 11, 2011

Praying for pee (take 2)

Well... We got no pee last night so they had to re-insert a catheter. They tried 4 times with no luck (probaly due to the fact that Mason was in so much pain and fighting it) so they gave him a higher dose of pain medication, waited for it to kick in and then they tried again... This time he sleep through the entire thing. Thank goodness.

Still praying for pee. If he does not go to the bathroom on his own by 10am they will have to re-insert the catheter again to drain his bladder. You might be wondering why they don't just leave it in and the reason is because it allows for a greater risk of infection and he could have an even harder time going on his own. So this mornings agenda is to pump him full of liquids - water, apple juice and chocolate milk and pray that he goes to the bathroom on his own.

In other news Mason is starting to act more like himself. He even told me at 4 am that my hair look pretty... I am sure in reality it actually looks crazy but it was very cute.

The plan today outside of peeing is to get Mason more active to drain out his chest tubes. Yesterday he sat up with his daddy and this significantly increased the drainage which is good however we need more movement with No drainage before we check out of here.

This surgery is so different from the last two. Not that I was expecting the same experience I was just expecting I guess something more similar and it has all been different. Let's clarify different in a good way.

I know I keep saying it but thank you for your prayers, love and support.


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Hope's Blog said...

Many pee prayers coming your way.