Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mason update

Mason has been in his room for the last few hours and although very sedated he is awake and has communicated to us and his doctors, in fact the first thing he said to them is "am I done yet?"... They of course thought that was the greatest thing! Greg and I however are the most pleased with him telling us he loves us!

It is quiet in ICU tonight. Almost calming - I am hoping this means that we will all be able to get some much needed rest. We have had a successful day but the road to recovery is far from over!
Tonight we are praying for the following:
- his temperature to go down
- his heart rate to stay in the 130's
- his pain to be reduced / to allow him a solid nights sleep
- the Doctors and nurses who care for him

Your prayers and support today have meant the world to us both. It is humbling!
Thank you doesn't even seem like enough!

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