Thursday, November 10, 2011

Floor time

We have officially moved out of ICU to the floor.
With hopes of NEVER RETURNING! Life will sure feel less heavy without a luming surgery!

Mason has a roommate in his new room but so far we haven't seemed to notice.

I think that Mason has his days and nights mixed up. Last night he was wide awake from 2am - 5:30am and so now he is sleeping away the afternoon.
He has also moved from a smaller bed to a larger bed. This way when he wants to be held it will be much easier for Greg and I to accommodate his request without breaking our backs!

I feel like we have been here for weeks (time seems to stand still) and the thought of actually being here for a few more weeks makes me want to scream... And just when I get impatient, God reminds me to be patient. I met a family whose son (mason's age) had a heart transplant and they have been here for over a year and are hoping to be discharged in the next few weeks. So what am I complaining about? Guess I will take my patience pill, try to relax and remember that Gods timing is perfect!

Thanks for checking in!


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