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Day ???

Well I should first start by apologizing for not updating Mason’s site yesterday. We had a big day of visitors so we spent our time enjoying each of them.

I also want to apologize if any of the information that I am going to share with you is repetitive. My days, nights, blogs, and hours just all run together.

We lost a chest tube. Mason has gone from three chest tubes to two chest tubes. HOORAY!
This is great progress and we are excited and thrilled for all positive steps and now comes the dreaded word BUT… He has two chest tubes left that are still draining a significant amount of fluid – specifically the right. We had fair warning about how frustrating this would be and I can now say from experience each person who warned us was correct! It is frustrating knowing that outside of prayer there is nothing anyone can do to slow this down. So we wait!
Today Mason will have an echo to rule out the possibility of any blood clots and to make sure his heart looks strong. I think when the doctor said “blood clot” my blood pressure rose significantly… This Mom and blood clots do not get along. We are confident he does not have any but want to be 100% sure since this has been an issue in the past.

Mason is now peeing like a champ – so we have no concerns with this any more.
However he has not had a bowel movement which could be one of the things causing his nausea. Sunday night after receiving his medication he got sick and then again this morning after receiving his medication he got sick. Again this could be due to no bowel movements or it could be from his medication.
So we are re-evaluating how he gets his medication (form) and the type of medication he receives to get his nausea under control.

Saturday Night (around 9pm) Mason got his appetite back and requested spaghetti... Of course the kitchen was closed and we could not grant his request. So I went by faith and promised him that on Sunday he would have spaghetti for dinner… Praying I could some how figure out how to make this happen. So as Sunday night was approaching it was time for Mom to make spaghetti appear. So I went to the cafeteria prepared to beg the cook to make me a special order but when I arrived I saw the most amazing thing… The cafeteria was featuring a spaghetti buffet. Any type of noodle or sauce a kid could ask for was there.
I couldn’t believe it – and in that moment I was amazed at how God provides for all of our needs (BIG & SMALL).
Proudly I made my way back to Mason’s room with the spaghetti in hand – just in time for his dinner tray to be sent to his room and on the menu Spaghetti… Of course how could it have been anything else… Needless to say we have enough spaghetti now saved for Mason so at any time if he has a craving we are ready!

Yesterday Mason had a big day in terms of activity. He was out of bed a total of five times and we went on four walks. Our goal each day is three times so we reached our daily goal for the first time and I anticipate that today we will be over achievers as well and exceed our goal!

As I write this Mason is lying sideways in bed – laughing at whatever cartoon he is watching on the iPad. It has only been 7 days since I heard him laugh but that is 7 days to long and I have missed that sound.

At times I feel like pinching myself while I am waiting for the “other shoe to fall” – we are blessed beyond belief and I will be forever grateful!



Esther said…
Yes, Kelsey, no request is too small. Tears of joy for the spaghetti.

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