Sunday, November 27, 2011

Set Back Diverted

Good news: Putting Mason on oxygen yesterday and last night helped to decrease the air around his lung (his collapsed lung is healing). So they decided to NOT put back in another chest tube (AMEN).

His x-ray shows some fluid built up around his lungs but not enough to be overly concerned so they have increased his diuretics (helps the body to eliminate fluid) to hopefully help get rid of it.

The plan for today is the same as yesterday… While Mason is in his room, in bed or sleeping he needs to be on an oxygen mask to move the rest of the air. Like before they encourage him to be out of bed playing as much as possible and since his chest tube is out – we no longer need a nurse to escort us every where we want to go. We can go anywhere we want.

So our first stop was to meet his Nana at the hospital doors. (YAY elevator ride)
Our second stop the PLAYROOM… Mason played for 1 ½ hours and when we left he wasn’t even tired… I even think the amount of energy he had surprised him.

Early this morning I was afraid things were not going to go our way. The nurse told me at 4am that they put Mason as a NPO patient (Nil per os which is a medical term meaning to withhold oral foods and liquids). The reason for this order was that if they needed to put in a chest tube they would have to sedated him and take him back into the operating room… I was convinced that was a bad sign. (Should have had more faith)

During rounds with Dr. McMullan we even heard the D word (DISCHARGE). Instead of waiting of his chest tube drainage we are now waiting on the air in his lungs. Guess it keeps our journey interesting.
Here is how the D word got brought up…if Mason makes as much progress as he made last night – tonight; tomorrow could be the magical day!!!!
I am trying not to get to excited; because that could just lead to a large disappointment and due to exhaustion I don’t handle those well however I have started to pack to go home! We are all beyond ready even though if you ask Mason if he wants to leave he says “No I will stay here”… Crazy kid!

Mason and his Nana

Enjoy your Sunday!

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Amy Bennett said...

Wow, this is great news! I never cease to be amazed and impressed with these kids! Mason gives me such HOPE for when it's our turn for the Fontan! Praying that the D word becomes a reality and SOON!!!