Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Drum roll please....

It is the eve of Thanksgiving and we are still here!
We are praying and believing that next week will be our time to finally say good bye to this amazing place and these amazing people. In the meantime we stay here and try to make the best of it.

The hospital does an amazing job trying to ensure that anyone who does not have to be here is able to be at home with their family – They take this so seriously that they don’t even schedule surgeries during the week of the holiday’s (of course they perform surgeries but only if they have to). That being said the rooms are getting empty and the halls are getting more calm. This has also allowed us to transfer to a new room… We have moved from a double room to a single room – (no more roommates). This is a blessing in itself and we are so THANKFUL for it.
The nurses also become less busy; This is great for Mason because they are able to take time out of their day to escort us to the playroom… This place is amazing and Mason of course wants to go everyday but because of his chest tube he can not leave the floor with out a nurse present. This is because of what could happen should his chest tube accidentally get pulled out (air in the lungs).

Below are a few pictures from today's playroom outing...

My husband said it best the other night on facebook "God has surrounded me with great people in my life... and he would do it for any of us. You just have to let him". He is right - We are blessed to have an amazing supportive family and friends who stand with us in faith... This didn’t just happen - God placed these people in our lives to help turn our trials into triumph.

One last thing to share before I sign off - Start thinking PINK because BABY GIRL GARKA is coming this March :)
Who says you cant celebrate while you are in a hospital - we had "it's a girl" cupcakes made from trophy cupcake for us and the staff to celebrate our big news!!!! Of course the person who is the most excited... Mason - he called it the whole time; should have known!

Have a blessed Thankgiving and enjoy your friends and family!

Kelsey, Greg, Mason and Baby Girl!


Kayla said...

so glad to see Mason so happy and he is going to make a great big brother to his little sister!!! Congratulations!!!!

Esther said...

Blessings family Garka! What wonderful topping off news to share this eve of Thanksgiving Day 2011: a sister on her way to Mason. Mom and dad using all your resources to Praise God. We give Thanks. Sending love.